Friday, 5 December 2014

Last lecture with Marta Kruneva

Just a few notes about last lecture with Marta Kruneva. For those who were not present in the morning lecture, it mainly was about the creation of a logo and a video for the presentation.

Things to take into account when creating a logo:
  • research
  • take notes of what you like
  • what your project/company stands for
  • target audience
Things to take into account when creating a video:
  • what we want to say
  • how we want to show it 
Video examples:
  •  Spotify

  •  Airbnb

Things to have into account when making a explainer video:
  • tell a story
  • convey the message in the first half of the video
  • keep it short (2 min. maximum)
  • speak directly to the audience
  • choose the right pace
  • decide first what kind of animation we want to do and then choose the software.
A couple of resources simple to use:
Video-editing software
Marta also talked about the convinience of animating the logo. We have done this already, but I'm just going to write what she said as we can maybe consider any of these points to make it better:
  • short (under 10 sec.)
  • start slow, reveal the logo at the end
  • colour scheme, background color
  • effects: depth of field, motion blur
  • glare/glow effects
  • 3D particles*
  • camera animation
  • logo animation
  • sound design
*A note from Melina, who I think was the only one in the afternoon session with Marta since Matias, Rob, Deon and me went to the meeting with Mr Claus and then left: