Thursday, 1 January 2015

Some useful modeling info

Hi guys,

I asked my brother for some advice on our project. He has an undergrad in computer graphics and thought we might find the following useful:


Proper texture unwrapping on sphere (Titan): Using UV Texture Editor, ensure an even map for all your faces in order to remove the pinching found at the top of the sphere.

See tutorial attached. You can split the UV mapping of the sphere in half but selecting the individual halves then editing in UV Texture Editor (if both halves overlap, this could also remove the pinching)

More information on UV Wrapping, Texturing and Bump/Normal mapping can be found on: Digital Tutors. (

If I remember correctly you can get a
reduced fee for being students if the uni sponsors you!

For any objects used in game, ensure a singular connected mesh is used or you will have inconsistent lighting, rendering and problems with performance


Thought this would be useful to the modeling people :)

I also rolled back from Unity 4.6 to 4.5.5. This meant I had to rebuild everything I did thus far. It's all up and running. Even though I found work arounds to 4.6 without the Oculus hardware I don't want to risk it. I'l post more details about it in my blog.


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