Saturday, 29 November 2014

Neptune and probe progress

Neptune and probe progress

Hey guys! 

This is what I have done so far.. I broke it down so you can see the difference. (Begoña, I found a way to create a sphere with a cube using a deformer - Animation menu /create deformers/sculpt deformer/scale it up and delete history)
Can any of you open the probe files in Dropbox? I don't know how to open that file format (help? ;))
This is what I could make from the probe and orbiter pictures please correct me if something is wrong. 
I am not sure if the colors are correct in the picture either.. They are colored like that just to tell that they are different parts right? 
Let me know what you guys think!


  1. Hey Melina! It's great that you found that, I couldn't remember how to do it!! Neptune looks great! By the way, I don't know if you still need it, but this is the link I was telling you about with the planets textures:
    To open the probe file you need to download a program here With this program you can explode the model and see it from all the different views, like in Maya. You can also see it as wireframe.
    I don't know either about the colors, although there are some pictures in the Mission to Neptune report that might be useful. I guess you can also google it?? Otherwise we can ask Malcolm Claus in the next meeting.

    1. Hi! Thanks a lot for the info! That is the website that I found for the textures as well hehe. I will download the program in the afternoon I will keep you posted with the progress.

  2. Hi Melina :D When ever you are able feel free to export the planet and drop it in the dropbox. It doesn't have to be the final version but if I can import this into the engine AK and I can start work on some minigame stuff using the planet :D Looks cool!

  3. Yo Melina, could you please add your Planet Neptune model to the 3Dassets folder in a folder named Neptune please? :) The one you sent me doesn't have any textures or bumpmaps/normalmaps so in the engine it just comes up as a sphere. Please ask Begoña if you need help on this. Thanks!