Friday, 28 November 2014

Facebook group message logs

Hey guys,

Since we were talking about getting the messages from the facebook group, for archiving I checked out the developer section on Facebook. I found an API and an online explorer that let my export all the group transcripts.

It looks a bit ugly but we now have a hard copy that I put on dropbox, any images or links to videos will come up and links in the log.

I put it under a folder called 'FaceBook_Chatlogs_Raw_data'. We might need to edit the raw data to make it look pretty for the group blog.



  1. Thanks Rob. I'll have a look tonight or tomorrow :)

  2. Hey Rob. I've been having a look to the file. Is there any special way to edit this?? or just the traditional "delete"??

  3. For the moment yea, we'd have to delete things manually :( I'll try and find some time to see if there is an easier way to do this at some point :D