Friday, 28 November 2014

Replaced Coordinate System with Raycasting

Hey guys :D 

Quick and sloppy update, I'll go into much more detail tomorrow on my personal blog, with commented code etc.

Basically I replaced my coordinate tracking system (used in the presentation) with a Raycast and tied the rotation to the focus object code I wrote.

Which means I went from 75 lines of code to around 35 lines of code :D Pretty nifty. 

Only drawback at the moment is that it works to well. The Raycast is pretty precise, which means you have to angle the camera perfectly. I think I can offset this by making the planet objects collision sphere larger so it shouldn't be a big problem.

Sorry I wasn't around much (online) today I was super busy at work!

I'll add some screenshots tomorrow and also link to a Github repository I set up for all my uni code.

Peace! *gansta signs*

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  1. Hey Rob! That sounds great. Thank you for your hard work! I've also had a very busy week, so hopefully tomorrow will have time to do all my homework... I'll keep you all updated :)