Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Post Presentation - Team Meeting results

After our presentation we spent some time working out what we need to make a start on. This is what we've agreed upon:

Deon - 2D asset creation / Research into minigames used with the Occulus Rift
Luke - Minigame research / Video editing  / compiling the facebook discussion board
Begoña - Modeling Neptune's moons (placeholder assets with added detail as time permits)
Melina - Modeling Neptune and the Probe

Rob - Texture replacement mechanic for swapping out textures during runtime / Raycasting
Akshayan - 'Rings' minigame implementation / Scope document

Matias wrote down a whole page worth of stuff he wants to start work on with regards to the UX  elements but I'll leave that for him to update.

Please edit this if its nor accurate and let me know and I can update it :)


  1. As for the 3D assets, Malcolm sent us two models: the orbiter and the probe, but we have just been considering the probe for the simulation. I guess we need the orbiter to reach Neptune and then the probe would have to be released at some point by the player (this could be another mini game)?? Shall we ask Malcolm in the next meeting??

  2. We can do yea. Or we can just use some artistic license. It's a good idea for a mini game though :)

    1. Great! Let's talk about it next Tuesday so everyone can have their say :)

  3. Great Rob! My todo list for this week is the following:

    - Create User Journey
    - Personas
    - Storyboard
    - Styleguide
    - Tone and voice of the projects content