Sunday, 23 November 2014

Team Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from our Skype call today

Brief meeting summary from our skype call.

Spoke about:
  • Who was going to present (we decided on Luke, Deon, Rob)
  • AK was happy for me to present the programming part as he is very busy with work/assignments and had to play catch up.
  • Discussed different parts of the presentation (each area of expertise, UX, Games Design, Animation, Programming) and how they should fit together
  • Begoña and Melina are going to send me compiled slides/assets to cover in the presentation.
  • Covered the overview of the project and how it should be presented - discussed the presentations general overview and how we were doing this.
  • I will talk about the project overview / animation areas / development areas / conclusion
  • Luke (and Deon) will talk about the Project goals (what we are trying to accomplish) / Design / Gamification and Research
  • We'll make sure Matias has the slides for compilation by today/tonight
  • We can add in Melina’s stuff tomorrow along with the other compilation
  • (I'll have a conversation with Matias today at some point) 
   Sub-Tasks before Tuesday:
  1.     Deon will get his slides to Luke sometime today (23/11/2014)
  2.     Begoña will send me her slides at some point tonight (23/11/2014)
  3.     Melina will send me some assets tomorrow (24/11/2014)
In general everyone seemed quite keen to get things done and we all had some very valuable input. Many thanks to all for taking some time out of their week end!

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