Tuesday, 16 December 2014

FBG page set up

Hey all,

Deon edited all the raw data I pulled from our facebook group. I added a page to the blog called FBG Archive, you should see it up top.

We need to copy Deons text file into that. I've not had time yet but I'll get to it when I have a moment, unless sombody else feels like doing it.

Deon's modified text can be found in our dropbox.

Also just as a reminder, even though it's all good talking over Facebook as that seems to be the way we are all comfortable with, make sure to post what you're up to on this blog as well. This is so that it is easier on all of us when it comes down to formalities and our grades. A quick update or a note to say you finished something is fine for Facebook but if you complete a piece of work make sure to mention it here on the blog.

It will take a lot of crunch time to pull more data from Facebook so lets make a clean switch :)


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