Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Importing an .obj into Unity / Making normalmaps

I wrote this for Begoña but I thought I would post it here as well for reference in case anyone else needs to do this in the near future.

Here's a quick and rough guide to import Triton into Unity and attach a normalmap to it.

Importing an .obj into Unity
  • Click and drag Triton folder into Assets box
  • Set Triton GameObject to position X=0, Y=0, Z=0
  • Place Triton prefab into scene and zoom out as it'll be pretty big
  • The sphere will be black in colour for now
  • Open the Triton GameObject in the Hierarchy (on the left, where the Main Camera is)
  • Click on the pSphere1 object, this will be the actual black sphere object
  • In the Inspector (on the right side) you'll see your texture (blinn1sG) in a Diffuse shader
  • We need to change the Main Colour to a brighter one rather than black (Pick white for example).
  • Now you should see a sphere with your texture on it, but you won't have any nice bumps on it
  • We need to change this to use the bump mapping, so it looks nice
  • Click on the shader that says Diffuse and change it to Bumped Diffuse
  • Now you'll see a little empty grey box called Normalmap
  • We need to convert our Bumpmap to a Normalmap to use with the shader
If you have your own normal map you can use that instead, if not see below: 

Converting a Bumpmap to a Normalmap in Unity:
  • Go to Assets > YOURASSET > Click on your BumpMap image
  • Change the Texture Type from Texture to Normal Map
  • Here you can change options on how bumpy you want it and if you want it smooth or clamped etc. You can come back and change this whenever you like.
  • Once done click Apply
  • Your bump map will now be a Normalmap

Now that we have a normalmap we can apply it to pSphere1

  • Click on pSphere1 again and drag your new Normalmap into the empty grey box
Now your object should have the normalmap applied and it'll look bumpy.


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