Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Potential minigame idea - Using Balance

Hey guys,

During the meeting with Malcolm he mentioned something that I thought was cool and we could maybe use for one of the mini games.

The probe or orbiter (I'm not sure which, somebody who knows please comment) has these buoy's that keeps or helps to keep the orbiter in orbit and stable. So (and credit goes to Dr.Claus cause he came up with this really), what if a mini asteroid / piece of space debris hits one of these buoys and make the orbiter or the probe spin out of control?

This would mean the player would need to keep the orbiter or probe from spinning out of control by manually controlling it. :D

I'm thinking in terms of mini game the player would hold down either left/right trigger on the Xbox360 controller and there would be a balancing mechanic. Pretty similar to something like pipe walking on the Mirrors Edge game. Keep the balance and all is good, points could be awarded based on how well balanced the object is. Keep the balance in the sweet spot gives more points, keeping the balance just outside is less points. Not keeping the balance at all results in the object burning up and it's game over/ minigame failed state.

If you guys think this would be a cool idea it might be worth looking into? 

If so Deon and Luke could do some research into how spacecraft make use of buoys so we can try and make it somewhat realistic?

What do you guys think?

Anyhow that's my rambling done :)

Cheers guys,

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